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Our Philosophy


We understand and are guided by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)

Holistic approach

We view children holistically and try to provide comprehensive solutions for their interlinked needs

Promoting loving family over institutional care

We believe that a loving family environment is always the best option for children and that institutional care should only be used as a very last resort


Best interests of the child

We strive to work in the best interest of the child at all times



We work closely with government services and families to build capacities. We aim towards a future when they are able to meet children’s needs themselves, without our support

Needs-led solutions

We aim to fully understand local needs before building appropriate solutions


Maximising resources

We rely on our supporters' generosity to raise the funds needed to meet the needs of local children. With funding often tight, we keep overheads to a minimum and make tough decisions to maximise the benefit for children from the resources we have.


Children in a positive light

We aim to always present children in a positive light, using pictures of smiling, happy children rather than sharing images of their suffering. We do this because we respect the children we work with and value their dignity.

Independence and non-discrimination

We have no religious or political association and work equally with people of all ethnicities

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