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Our work

Education Support


Our Education Support work tackles barriers that stop children in Sangkhlaburi from attending school. We focus on:


  • Facilitating education enrolment

  • Minimising dropout 

  • Widening access to education for children in remote areas

Facilitating education enrolment

Each year One Sky helps over 100 children from poor families enrol in school. 


We facilitate enrolment by:


  • Raising awareness about children’s rights to education in Thailand (e.g. click here to see a recent informational poster)


  • Providing translation services and enrolment advice, to assist children through the enrolment process


  • Providing financial support to help children go to school.

Minimising dropout

We work to minimise dropout through:


  • Referrals from local schools, allowing us to return children at risk of dropout to education. In 2014 we received 65 such referrals, with 50 of these children returned to education.


  • Research into education dropout across all 14 primary schools in Nonglu, Sangkhlaburi, to be used as the basis for designing remedial programmes.

Widening rural education access

We provide a teacher three days per week for a small school on a remote Sangkhlaburi plantation. We are currently working with the village leader and local education authority to find a more permanent education solution for children living on this plantation.

Find out more


To find out more about our Education Support work, download a full project outline.

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