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Our work

Child Protection


Our Child Protection work tackles risks faced by children in Sangkhlaburi. We focus on two key areas:


  • Immediate protection 

  • Risk reduction

Immediate protection

We protect children from immediate harm by:


  • Removing children from situations where they are at immediate risk. In 2014 we removed 9 children from situations of torture, sexual abuse and severe neglect.


  • Offering counseling to children who have suffered abuse or other harms


  • Promoting family-based solutions for children removed from their homes (see our Alternative Care work)

We cooperate closely with the government’s Provincial Social Services team, who are based three hours away from us in the city of Kanchanaburi.

Risk reduction

We reduce risks to children by:


  • Working with children, their parents and their teachers to develop capabilities to identify and avoid abuse

  • Providing family support for low-income and unstable families, including: food support, welfare support, healthcare support, family counseling and income generation opportunities. In 2015 we worked with 124 family support cases, including 259 children and 157 adults.

  • Helping children to stay in education (see our Education Support work).

Find out more


To find out more about our Child Protection work, download a full project outline.

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