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About us

Welcome to One Sky. One Sky is a Thai Foundation working to meet the needs of vulnerable children in the Thai-Burma border district of Sangkhlaburi (see high resolution map). 

There are many complex social issues in Sangkhlaburi and a lack of effective services working to reduce chaos in the community. One Sky aims to fill this void through work focusing on child protection, education support, healthcare supportalternative care and income generation. We approach children's needs holistically, aiming to provide interlinked services that provide comprehensive responses to children's complex needs.


We are a small team, working with limited resources. We work closely with children and their families, following the core principle that a loving family environment is always a better option than institutional care. Ultimately, our aim is to foster independence by finding sustainable solutions. In this way, we hope to build the strength of our community.


See here for One Sky's 2015 Annual Report.

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You can find out more about One Sky Foundation by visiting these pages:


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