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Our work

Healthcare Support


Our Healthcare Support work helps to support sick children in Sangkhlaburi. We focus on:


  • Ensuring access to quality medical care


  • Preventing future ill health by tackling root causes of disease

How we work

We rely on referrals from partners to diagnose ill health and bring critical cases to our attention.

Ensuring access to quality medical care

We help sick children to access quality medical care by:


  • Covering costs for children whose families are unable to afford their treatment.


  • Accompanying children on hospital visits, to translate and advocate on their behalf.

Preventing future ill health

In some cases children's ill health can be traced to deeper problems within the family unit. Issues such as malnourishment, neglect and poor health education can cause children's health problems to reoccur time and time again.

When we receive a referral we work closely with the family to assess root causes of the child's ill health. Where possible, we then work towards resolving these issues. Other aspects of our work, such as family counselling, food support, welfare support and income generation opportunities, can play an important role in keeping children healthy into the future.

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